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Is Your Parking Lot Making A Good First Impression?

Posted by Tom Owings on October 14, 2017
Tom Owings

poorly maintained commercial parking lot

You might not think much about it, but your commercial parking lot is absolutely part of your customer's first impression. In fact, your customer’s experience with your business doesn’t start in the store. It starts as soon as they drive into your parking lot!

Will their first impression of your business be a nice, smooth ride, or will they encounter cracks and potholes, or even step out of their car into a puddle of water?   

Being proactive with your parking lot now will avoid much larger problems in the future.

How a Poorly Maintained Parking Lot Looks to Your Customers

“Lazy.” “Uncaring.” “Disorganized.” “Business must be suffering.”

Do those things define you and your business? Probably not, but they’re common assumptions. Customers often don’t know the tough decisions you’ve made to balance the budget. Nonetheless, even moderate property issues stir those gut reactions from consumers wishing to establish trust.

From an outsider’s perspective, a poorly maintained commercial parking lot foreshadows a host of problems they could encounter:

  • Does this lack of attention to detail translate to their business practices?
  • Can they truly take care of me as a customer?
  • Will they even still be in business next year?
  • And, if your parking lot is really bad, you might get some vehicle insurance claims and potential personal injury litigation

Routine maintenance and timely repaving jobs are your only defenses against unsightly and damaging commercial parking lot blemishes. Customers appreciate the extra effort, but maintaining your lot shouldn’t be a luxury.


6 Benefits of a Maintained Parking Lot

Here are the benefits of nice lot:

  1. Prevent a larger investment in your lot in the future
  2. Avoid any possibility of legal action for vehicle or personal injury
  3. ADA compliance
  4. Code compliance
  5. Improve resale value
  6. You and your employees can take pride in every aspect of your business

Make a Good Impression with Your Parking Lot

Customers have a strong reaction to a bad parking lot. Even small issues may cause you to lose business, especially when compared with a competitor with a safe, aesthetically pleasing commercial parking lot.

When the time comes to pave a new asphalt lot, delaying action today will mean spending more money tomorrow. And you certainly can’t wait until tomorrow to make that great first impression.


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