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How To Keep Tenants Happy During Construction

Posted by Brian Delmonico on November 7, 2018

Construction, repairs and regular maintenance to buildings and community amenities on your rental property isn't just necessary for making improvements, but for ensuring tenant safety and comfort.

But it goes without saying that any construction that occurs on or around your property can be an inconvenience for your current tenants -- especially if you’re leasing business properties.

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Neighborhood Construction: How Long Will It Take?

Posted by Eric Park on July 9, 2018

If you live in a growing or developing area, having a neighborhood construction project now and then is inescapable. A new neighbor may be setting up a house across the street, or adding a swimming pool in their backyard.

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Park Enterprise Construction Hosts Next Generation of Construction Professionals

Posted by Eric Park on March 19, 2018

So many of us remember that feeling of uncertainty as we prepared to leave school and enter the workforce. Before landing a first construction job, or one in nearly any other profession, it’s common to wonder:

  • Am I employable?
  • Have I learned enough entry-level skills to be valuable?
  • Am I prepared for this level of responsibility?
  • Will my job pay well and help support my family?
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Choosing Your Construction Company: Why Do You Need GPS Construction?

Posted by Tim Klingel on January 5, 2018

Construction is driven and controlled by workers on the ground. So why would a construction company use GPS to guide operations and equipment? And why should you look for a company who does this?

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