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What’s the Best Underground Utility Digging Method? Open Cut vs. Directional Bore

Posted by Tim Klingel on April 26, 2018

Underground utilities don’t just magically appear underground. There are several different digging methods to place underground pipes, each ideal for a specific situation.

Generally, pipe installation either requires open cutting (or trenching) from the surface or directional boring (lateral tunneling). For good measure, we’re throwing in a third option, jack and bore, which can open larger spaces and long distances underground in special circumstances.

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8 Things Your Civil Construction Contractor Needs From You

Posted by Tim Klingel on March 8, 2018

A great civil construction contractor can build even greater things. One thing it can’t do, however, is work miracles or read minds. There’s a level of communication that must happen between you and your contractor to ensure a successful project.

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11 Signs a Sinkhole is Coming to Swallow Your Money

Posted by Tim Klingel on March 5, 2018

Yes, let’s put it that way. A sinkhole will swallow your money for sure. So let’s catch it before it gets here.

Water is a destructive force of nature. It also acts covertly like a Navy SEAL team. It’ll go undercover underground to erode and destroy before anyone even knows it’s a problem.

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Pipe Replacement or Pipe Lining? | Underground Utilities

Posted by Tim Klingel on January 31, 2018

The best solution depends on what's causing the issue in your water and sewer lines, and how bad the damage is. 

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11 Underground Water Leak Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

Posted by Tim Klingel on January 25, 2018

If you’re asking yourself whether you have an underground water leak, unfortunately, you may have one.

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Construction Site Preparation: 9 Things to Know Before Breaking Ground

Posted by Tim Klingel on January 24, 2018

General contractors would love to have a crystal ball. We would love to know before walking on your site that crews will hit a massive underground rock formation or an old, rusted oil pipeline. We would love to know ahead of time if municipalities and environmental groups will look favorably upon your project.

Regrettably, we’re not psychics. But due diligence and effective communication between you and your general contractor go a long way toward construction site preparation.

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Site Work Construction: Why Experience Matters

Posted by Tim Klingel on January 10, 2018

Experience speaks volumes in construction, as with any profession. Site work construction is a detail-oriented process with many possible variables and outcomes for which only years on the job can prepare you.

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GPS Construction Equipment: Getting Your Job Site on the Level

Posted by Tim Klingel on January 5, 2018

Construction requires precision. Failure to pay attention to detail can force errors, even by fractions of an inch, that could crush your project’s stability.

That’s why the strongest contractors in the business invest in GPS construction equipment. It adds another dimensional perspective for:

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