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9 Tips to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Business

Posted by Tom Owings on June 2, 2018
Tom Owings

Boosting your business curb appeal can have long lasting benefits; you’ll boost brand perception, enhance safety and even create a welcoming exterior for customers to visit.

Taking the time to examine the below areas and make any needed changes can improve curb appeal and ensure your business looks its best year-round.

Here’s How to Improve Curb Appeal:

1. Maintain a clean, easy to navigate parking:

Can visitors find clearly defined parking spaces and are they able to safely drive through and around your lot safely?

Ensuring your lot or spaces are clearly defined, with fresh, easy to see lines of paint and simple, concise signage improves your curb appeal and makes your parking area less frustrating for visitors.

2. Wayfinding signage:

Can visitors tell where to go when they arrive, and does the signage used match your branding? Clear, clean and easy to decipher wayfinding signage improves your curb appeal and reinforces your branding, too.

3.Tackle overgrowth:

Those shrubs looked lovely at the start of the growing season, but the warm weather means they are growing out of control. Overgrown plants, grass and an untended landscape make your business look uncared for. This impacts not just your curb appeal, but the way prospective customers view your brand, too.

4. Examine your entryway:

You may have carefully designed the inside of your office or business to present a specific image to visitors, but the space directly outside your front door matters, too. Consider this space to be an extension of your interior and decorate it with care. Make sure your door is freshly painted, any signage is clean and readable and that any plants are thriving and cared for.

5. Eliminate cracks and flaws:

Your parking lot and sidewalk or walkway say a lot about your business; if they have cracks, fading paint or missing pieces, your entire establishment will look run down. Enhance your curb appeal by sealing these areas to prevent damage and promptly repairing any damage.

Following this asphalt parking lot maintenance guide is a great way to maintain curb appeal with your asphalt alone.

6. Paint the exterior:

Depending on the structure your business is located in, you may be responsible for the exterior surfaces. A fresh coat of paint and some new details – anything from window boxes to shutters, signage or awnings – can liven up the front and have a dramatic impact on your curb appeal.

7. Get rid of pests:

Towering ant hills, cobwebs in corners and other signs of pests can make your business look run down. Some pests could even bite or scare your visitors, so regularly removing these creatures and ensuring you are not providing a comfortable habitat for unwanted pests can help boost the appearance of your business.

8. Prepare for bad weather:

Your business looks great when the sun is shining, but what happens when it rains? Do visitors step in puddles, does water pool in the parking lot or drip onto people as they enter your facility? Head outside the next time it rains to be sure your curb appeal doesn’t decline when it rains.

9. Lighting:

Curb appeal matters at night, too. Make sure your business is well lit, with focal lighting if needed. This will help improve curb appeal and boost your security, too.

You’ll notice that a lot of aspects of curb appeal rely on neat, well-groomed, well-maintained asphalt. Whether it be eliminating annoying cracks, or ensuring the paint lines are fresh and neat -- contact construction experts to help.

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