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How Much Should You Budget Yearly for Parking Lot Maintenance

Posted by Tom Owings on August 20, 2018

Yearly upkeep on parking lot maintenance offers plenty of benefits to commercial property owners.

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Guide to Commercial Site Work Costs

Posted by Tim Klingel on August 20, 2018


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New Business Construction Costs: Asking the Right Questions

Posted by Eric Park on August 13, 2018


 As a business owner, it’s a great achievement to purchase a new commercial property for your business, but it’s also a huge investment.

The last thing you want after making that huge investment is to find out there are pricey, unexpected construction costs on the property that pop up frequently.

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Well Water vs. City Water: What You Need for Your Commercial Property

Posted by Tim Klingel on August 8, 2018

As a business owner, there are two basic ways in which you can supply water to your commercial property. You can either opt for well water or city water supply systems.

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Your Guide To Marion Ohio Zoning, Engineering, & Building Permits

Posted by Tim Klingel on July 30, 2018


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How to Tell When It’s Time to Repave Your Asphalt Lot

Posted by Tom Owings on July 30, 2018


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Project of the Month: Pulte Homes

Posted by Eric Park on July 26, 2018

Helping create subdivisions for families to settle in Ohio is one of our passions.

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3 Steps to Take if You Suspect Asbestos on Your Ohio Property

Posted by Eric Park on July 23, 2018

Here in central Ohio, as in much of the country, there was a tremendous building boom back in the 1960s and 1970s to meet the demands of the burgeoning Baby Boomer generation. Back then in Ohio, asbestos was thought to be a reliable, cost-effective fire retardant, and heat insulator. It became part and parcel of many homes and buildings, as insulation or as part of other materials, such as:

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Subdivision Properties: 9 Unique Features To Impress Potential Buyers

Posted by Eric Park on July 23, 2018

Have you ever been in subdivision properties with a playground? How about a private lake?

These memorable, out-of-the-ordinary features help attract buyers and current customers.

Building a subdivision is no easy feat, and takes a lot of time and money. You want to make sure you see a return on your investment into the property, and there is no better way to do that than attract buyers to live on your lots.

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How Do You Detect a Water Leak Underground?

Posted by Brian Delmonico on July 9, 2018

Water leakage can occur on any water system in your home at any time. Most water leakages are easily identifiable because they happen on piping systems that are easy to see.

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