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What is a Civil Construction Company? And Do I Need One?

Posted by Park Enterprise Construction on February 15, 2018

Great question. We love great questions around here! What better way to learn and effectively communicate your needs?

A civil construction company develops and manages the construction of projects like:

  • Roads, highways, and other driving surfaces
  • Underground utility infrastructure
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Site development
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Harding 2020: Park Helps Celebrate ‘From Marion to the White House’

Posted by Park Enterprise Construction on February 9, 2018

It’s not too often you get to help commemorate a presidential legacy. Park Enterprise Construction Co., Inc. is humbled to assist in Harding 2020, a construction project to honor President Warren G. Harding, a Marion, OH native, on the 100th anniversary of his election to the nation’s highest office.

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Concrete Recycling Breathes New Life Into Old Material

Posted by Park Enterprise Construction on February 8, 2018

When a building comes down or a concrete surface is torn up, what happens with the remnants? Well, one of two things:

  • It can sit and take up space in a landfill, or
  • It can be reused

Yeah, we like the second option, too.

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Pipe Replacement or Lining: What’s the Best Option?

Posted by Park Enterprise Construction on January 31, 2018

That’s a great question. Between pipe replacement and lining, the best choice depends on subjective circumstances facing your water and sewer lines.

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Topics: underground utilities

11 Underground Water Leak Signs You Can’t Ignore

Posted by Park Enterprise Construction on January 25, 2018

If you’re asking yourself whether you have an underground water leak, unfortunately, you may have one. I pray we’re in time to fix it before minor damage becomes catastrophic.

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Topics: site work, underground utilities

Construction Site Preparation: 9 Things to Know Before Breaking Ground

Posted by Park Enterprise Construction on January 24, 2018

General contractors would love to have a crystal ball. We would love to know before walking on your site that crews will hit a massive underground rock formation or an old, rusted oil pipeline. We would love to know ahead of time if municipalities and environmental groups will look favorably upon your project.

Regrettably, we’re not psychics. But due diligence and effective communication between you and your general contractor go a long way toward construction site preparation.

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Site Work Construction: Why Experience Matters

Posted by Park Enterprise Construction on January 10, 2018

Experience speaks volumes in construction, as with any profession. Site work construction is a detail-oriented process with many possible variables and outcomes for which only years on the job can prepare you.

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GPS Construction Equipment: Getting Your Job Site on the Level

Posted by Park Enterprise Construction on January 5, 2018

Construction requires precision. Failure to pay attention to detail can force errors, even by fractions of an inch, that could crush your project’s stability.

That’s why the strongest contractors in the business invest in GPS construction equipment. It adds another dimensional perspective for:

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The Awesome Benefits of Recycling Asphalt and Concrete

Posted by Park Enterprise Construction on December 12, 2017

Wait! Don’t dump that! There’s still life in that crushed up, old driving surface.

The day finally came for you to rip up your asphalt or concrete parking lot and start anew. While you’ll fondly remember your old lot and all the great times you had together, the friendship isn’t actually over. The material itself can be crushed, recycled, and given fresh life.

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Construction Aggregate: 4 Common Stone Grades and Their Best Uses

Posted by Park Enterprise Construction on December 8, 2017

Whether you’re trying to lay a strong base or to stop the powerful force of erosion, construction aggregate is an essential tool. It’s being blasted, as we speak, from a stone quarry near you.

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