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Project of the Month: Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area

Posted by Eric Park on December 19, 2018


This month we are highlighting the Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area. This project consisted of designing and constructing exempt dams to create a wetland in the basin of the former Killdeer Upground Reservoir.

About the Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area

The Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area provides over 9,230 acres of land, centered in the farming country of north-central Ohio.

Much of the land at Killdeer Plains is used for wildlife management and recreational use. Some popular uses for the area are:

  • Waterfowl Hunting

  • Fishing

  • Wildlife viewing

  • Photography

For more information on the Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area, check out the Ohio Department of Nature Resources page about the land, its history, and purpose in the community.

The Services We Provided

The scope of work for the project at the Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area included:

  • Stripping the topsoil

  • Placement and compaction of clay embankment to build the dam

  • Installation of inline water level control structures and piping

The dam is designed to pond water, which creates natural wetlands for wildlife.

The inline water level control structures allow water levels to be adjusted and provide protection from overflow.

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