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Project of the Month: Fischer Development Company

Posted by Eric Park on August 29, 2018

We’ve spoken before about how one of our passions at Park Enterprise Constructions is creating safe and attractive neighborhoods for families to make into their forever homes.

In our latest Project of the Month, we worked with Fisher Development Company. to create a new suburb in Marysville, Ohio.

Fischer Homes  Project of the month Fischer Homes

Fischer Homes prides itself on having built quality homes for over 35 years, and for being the nation’s 38th largest new home builder. They have a customer service rating that is one of the highest in the industry, and have built beautiful homes for many families.

Fisher prides itself on being a part of building a better community, which is perfectly in line with our vision at Park.  

Adena Pointe

The Adena Pointe subdivision is a new neighborhood located in Marysville, Ohio -- only 20 minutes from downtown Columbus.

The subdivision features more than attractive homes, and also has ponds with fountains and walking paths for its residents.  

Our contribution to the project included work on:

We were happy to take part in creating another unique and eye-catching subdivision for residents of Ohio.

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Whether it’s demolition, underground utilities, asphalt paving, or any other type of civil construction, even the smallest commercial projects have the potential to impact many people and businesses.

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