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Commercial Construction Loans Guide

Posted by Eric Park on March 13, 2019

In the commercial real estate business, money is a huge factor in moving projects from planning stages to finalization. Whether it is for land acquisition and site development, subdivision construction, or underground utility installation -- developers need to access a significant pool of money to successfully move the project through its various phases.

Once a project is completed there will be cash available, but the problem lies in amassing the funding to purchase the commercial real estate; buy, maintain or rent construction equipment; and line up the necessary contractors and subcontractors.

That is where the concept of commercial construction loans comes into play.

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Project of the Month: Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area

Posted by Eric Park on December 19, 2018

This month we are highlighting the Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area. This project consisted of designing and constructing exempt dams to create a wetland in the basin of the former Killdeer Upground Reservoir.

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10 Commercial Space Demolition Myths Debunked

Posted by Eric Park on November 19, 2018


Unlike the movies, commercial space demolition isn't all flash and bang, with big explosions and catastrophic circumstances. Generally speaking, commercial space demolition is controlled and careful.

Even though it might be fun to picture demolition as it’s seen in old cartoons, that isn’t how the steps to demolition traditionally play out.

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Recycled Construction Materials Can Save You Money (& The Environment)

Posted by Eric Park on October 30, 2018

Not too long ago, sustainability and recycling was nothing more than a trend.

Today, however, you could argue that it's a necessity -- as more and more consumers are becoming aware of their environmental footprint, and changing their buying behavior to reflect this value.

The good news is that recycling has expanded well beyond household goods and packages today encompass a wide range of materials.

Asphalt and concrete are included in this mix, and recycling such isn't just good for the environment, but for your wallet as well.

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Project of the Month: North Central Correctional Complex

Posted by Eric Park on October 23, 2018

This month we’re highlighting a project that is a little different than our past projects of the month.

We are working with the North Central Correctional Complex to create up-to-date and safe walking and driving surfaces on the property.

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Construction Traffic Safety: Important Steps to Take

Posted by Eric Park on October 17, 2018

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1,500 workers died on road construction sites between 2003 and 2015, an average of 121 per year. Additionally, it’s estimated that up to 20,000 are injured on such sites.

The fact is that road construction sites can make for some dangerous working conditions, and such conditions can be complicated by moving traffic through the area.

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Lifting and Rigging Safety: General Guidelines

Posted by Eric Park on October 8, 2018


When you're seeking bids for work that involves lifting and rigging, you need to trust that the work crew you hire has sufficient training to get the work done safely -- without any incident.

Learn what the contractors need to know about rigging and hoisting so you can do your due diligence when hiring.

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Project of the Month: Darby Braeside LLC

Posted by Eric Park on September 26, 2018

The Builders at Darby Braeside set out with the goal of creating a housing subdivision that allowed residents to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Big Darby Creek, while protecting the integrity of the natural environment.

Unique homes and lots were created, nestled between the water and the trees -- offering a place of beautiful solitude for its residents. 

We were happy to help take part in the creation of such unique and beautiful Ohio subdivision.

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Is Your Contractor Performing Confined Space Entry Training?

Posted by Eric Park on September 25, 2018

That is, have they received the right information and are they up to speed on the best practices for working in areas with limited work spaces and entry/exit points (think: manholes, silos, tank cars, bins, etc.)?

If they aren't, it's an understatement to say that they should be.

It's also a good reason why you shouldn't be doing business with them, as understanding the hazards, challenges and best way to work in these tight quarters is essential to staying safe and performing the job correctly.

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OSHA Trench Safety: Ask Your Contractor About Their Practices

Posted by Eric Park on September 10, 2018


When most people think of OSHA regulations, what comes to mind is usually obligations of the construction company to keep working conditions safe by following rules and guidelines.

However, the burden is not solely on the contractor -- it’s important to ask any contractor you have hired about their trench safety practices, and hold them accountable for following OSHA standards.

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