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Project of the Month: Darby Braeside LLC

Posted by Eric Park on September 26, 2018

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The Builders at Darby Braeside set out with the goal of creating a housing subdivision that allowed residents to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Big Darby Creek, while protecting the integrity of the natural environment.

Unique homes and lots were created, nestled between the water and the trees -- offering a place of beautiful solitude for its residents. 

We were happy to help take part in the creation of such unique and beautiful Ohio subdivision.

Darby Braeside Subdivision: Phase 1 & 2

The subdivision is located in Jerome Township, right on the Big Darby Creek, and has several phases. Jerome Township is about 10 minutes from Dublin, Ohio and 15 minutes from Marysville.

We assisted with work on phase 1 & 2 of the subdivision, shown on the map below:

Darby Braeside Phases

The services that we provided include:

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