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What is a Civil Construction Company? And Do I Need One?

Posted by Eric Park on February 15, 2018

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Great question. We love great questions around here! What better way to learn and effectively communicate your needs?

A civil construction company develops and manages the construction of projects like:

  • Roads, highways, and other driving surfaces
  • Underground utility infrastructure
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Site development

These projects are often planned with a civil engineer and coordinated with government contracts or private enterprises. Or the construction company with the proper experience and credentials could serve in a civil engineering capacity.

What Can a Civil Construction Company Do To Help My Project?

A construction project has many physical, logistical, contractual, and legal components. These services include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Planning, surveying, and technical drawing/CAD
  • Government regulation compliance
  • Permitting processes
  • Cost estimates and contracting
  • And, of course, physical site construction services

Let’s break down why these are important.

The Best-Laid Plans

Your project is nothing without a well drawn-out plan of attack. That means every square inch of the project, whether above or below ground, must have a detailed schematic for its physical dimensions and purposes. This takes a keen eye and forethought only gained through years of experience.

Planning involves surveying your site, anticipating barriers to construction, and drafting detailed technical drawings and CAD renderings for how it’ll come together.

Following the Rules

Can you dig here? Can you dump there?

Those are among the many serious questions you must answer before government regulators from all levels come calling. Regulations are in place for a reason: To protect people and the environment. Compliance also sometimes includes applying for permits and zoning variances, a complicated bureaucratic process best saved for architects, engineers, and civil contractors.

Rules and regulations protect everyone involved in your project, from the workers constructing it to the employees, visitors, and drivers ultimately using it. Experience with with the process can save you from needless lawsuits, injuries, and deaths.

Costs and Contracts

As their name indicates, contractors do the work they’re contracted to do. There are project specifications civil construction contractors must meet under the terms of a financial agreement.

A civil contractor will work with you to determine the:

  • Scope of the project
  • Materials and equipment needed
  • Sourcing
  • Timeline and deadlines
  • Regulatory compliance rules

All of which have an associated cost. Meanwhile, if necessary, a general contractor can farm out certain portions of jobs to subcontractors. Any distinguished civil construction company concerned with your quality (and its reputation) will handle financial and contractual obligations fairly and ethically.

Completing Construction

A civil construction company can accomplish every aspect of your project from surveying and design to construction. Finishing your project - whether it’s paving an asphalt driving surface, installing underground utilities, or building at a new site.- takes disciplined hands.

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So What Can’t a Civil Construction Company Do?

Well, there’s not much one can’t do. If you’re looking for a partner to help you drive your Central Ohio construction project from design to reality, contact us here or call (740) 223-7275.


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