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Project of the Month: Homewood Corporation Land Development

Posted by Eric Park on June 15, 2018

Making our community a beautiful and safe place to live is one of our primary goals. Working with the Homewood Corporation in the development of a brand new subdivision has been a great way to work toward our goals.

How Homewood Helps Homewood

Homewood is a custom home building company founded by Columbus natives, who take pride in serving the Columbus area through building homes that suit every family.

The Homewood difference begins with their exhaustive quality inspection process, and continues through their warranty coverage of materials, and their thorough attention to location. Homewood is dedicated to building homes where children will be safe and thrive.

This combination of knowledge, dedication, and family are part of what makes Homewood such a great company to work with.

The Howard Farms Subdivision

We had the honor of working with Homewood throughout the building of their new subdivision, Howard Farms. This subdivision is located in Delaware County Ohio, and aptly reflects all of the values that Homewood assures.

We are proud to be able to help this project through the contribution of sanitary and storm sewer work, waterline, and earth work.

Do You Have Our Next Project of the Month?

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