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Project of the Month: North Central Correctional Complex

Posted by Eric Park on October 23, 2018

Project of the Month North Central Correctional Complex

This month we’re highlighting a project that is a little different than our past projects of the month.

We are working with the North Central Correctional Complex to create up-to-date and safe walking and driving surfaces on the property.

About the North Central Correctional Complex

This project was aligned with our values of helping to make properties in and around our region functional and attractive. The complex is located right in Marion, Ohio -- making it close to home for us.

On their website you can find more information about the complex, including:

If you’re looking to hear more from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction, you can even listen to their podcast “ODRC Voices” that covers a variety of issues and offers great information to the public.

The Services We Provided

The scope of work for the project at the North Correctional Complex include:

  • Mill, repair, and overlay for portions of the walk path
  • Mill transitions of perimeter drive and overlay
  • Installation of aggregate berm on perimeter drive

For more details on services like those mentioned above, check out the asphalt page of our website.

Asphalt paving

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