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Fire Hydrant Maintenance Pt. 2: What to Do With a Leaky Hydrant

Posted by Brian Delmonico on November 13, 2018

Fire hydrants are one of the most critical lifelines in our communities. For most people, fire hydrants are part of the public water system and problems are handled by the municipality or other entity that has jurisdiction over the hydrant.

For those with a private water main, however, you may be responsible for your own maintenance. Even if you are diligent about annual inspections and regular maintenance duties, things can still go awry with your hydrant.

We’ve outlined a couple of situations, and what to do about them should they arise on a property that you own.

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How To Keep Tenants Happy During Construction

Posted by Brian Delmonico on November 7, 2018

Construction, repairs and regular maintenance to buildings and community amenities on your rental property isn't just necessary for making improvements, but for ensuring tenant safety and comfort.

But it goes without saying that any construction that occurs on or around your property can be an inconvenience for your current tenants -- especially if you’re leasing business properties.

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What Material Is Best For Storm Sewer Pipes?

Posted by Brian Delmonico on October 17, 2018

Storm sewer drainage systems are crucial in the prevention of flooding. They help to divert excess rain and groundwater which runs off impervious surfaces such as parking lots, roofs, paved streets, and sidewalks into nearby waterways through a system of drains and underground pipes.

Storm sewer systems can range in design from simple residential drainage to complex municipal drains.

Different piping materials are used in the construction of storm sewers. The best pipe material for the project depends on the type of system being designed, the depth of installation, and the loads being exerted on the pipe.

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How Do You Detect a Water Leak Underground?

Posted by Brian Delmonico on July 9, 2018

Water leakage can occur on any water system in your home at any time. Most water leakages are easily identifiable because they happen on piping systems that are easy to see.

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Building a Subdivision: What You Need to Make It Work

Posted by Brian Delmonico on June 11, 2018

As a project manager, developer or home builder you put your business reputation on the line when building a subdivision. A well-planned, properly-constructed and beautiful community will attract the attention of real estate agents and home buyers alike.

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5 Common Sewer Line Installation Setbacks (and Solutions)

Posted by Brian Delmonico on May 31, 2018

Your contractor begins digging for a new sewer line at your commercial property. Crews encounter bedrock and can go no further, setting your project behind schedule.

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Underground Utility Construction Quality Assurance Checklist

Posted by Brian Delmonico on April 30, 2018


Underground utility construction can be a complicated process in any scenario. Like any other type of construction, the goal is to create a functional finished product while making it look like workers were never even there. But in reality, the means to get to that end is a highly invasive experience that quite literally alters the landscape.

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Underground Pipe Problems: Call OUPS to Avoid a Utility Oops

Posted by Brian Delmonico on February 23, 2018

Underground utility contractors can't just start digging. With high-powered construction equipment, we could easily hit an underground utility line and cause a serious problem. Since some utilities include gas lines, something could actually blow up

That’s why contractors use OUPS (the Ohio Utilities Protection Service) to assess project sites. Contractors are required to call at least 48 hours ahead of excavation.

Property owners can also use this service to scope out DIY digging projects and contracted underground utility projects. As a property owner, here's what OUPS can do for you.

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Rules & Regulations Underground Utility Contractors in Ohio Must Follow

Posted by Brian Delmonico on February 23, 2018


There’s an old adage: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Underground utilities affect not only your commercial property, but potentially an indefinite amount of properties around you, as well. These aren’t merely pipe problems. Entire communities can lose power, water, electricity, gas, and more if your construction contractors are not careful. Negligence can even cause injury or death. That’s why we have common-sense regulations and processes for due diligence.

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