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What is the Difference Between Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer Systems?

Posted by Brian Delmonico on December 19, 2018


From a very basic standpoint, storm sewers capture and redirect rainwater, snow and other drainage. Sanitary sewers, conversely, transport sewage and water from sinks, showers and other appliances to treatment plants.

But, when many people hear the word “sewer,” they immediately think that they’re one in the same. That’s hardly the case, and this couldn’t be more evident when you consider the key functions and differences between storm and sanitary sewers.

Here’s a closer look at the similarities, differences and other considerations pertaining to sanitary sewers and storm sewers.

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3 Tips for Winterizing Your Business' Utilities

Posted by Brian Delmonico on December 4, 2018

When the busy season is over with, the annual routine of packing up shop and winterizing properties begins. For many businesses, it’s smart to close up for the winter when traffic is low, and reopen in the warmer months.

But closing up shop until next year’s busy season can spell disaster if the proper steps aren’t taken, especially in areas that experience significant winter weather.

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Commercial Parking Lot Repair FAQs

Posted by Tom Owings on November 29, 2018



If you’re looking into repairing the asphalt parking lot on your commercial property, you probably have a lot of questions before getting started.

We’ve put together this guide of the questions we commonly hear from property owners who are looking into having their asphalt lot repaired, as an easy way to find all of the answers you’re looking for before the ball gets rolling on your new lot.

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10 Commercial Space Demolition Myths Debunked

Posted by Eric Park on November 19, 2018


Unlike the movies, commercial space demolition isn't all flash and bang, with big explosions and catastrophic circumstances. Generally speaking, commercial space demolition is controlled and careful.

Even though it might be fun to picture demolition as it’s seen in old cartoons, that isn’t how the steps to demolition traditionally play out.

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What’s the Difference Between a Neighborhood and a Subdivision?

Posted by Tim Klingel on November 19, 2018


Neighborhoods and subdivisions might sound like the same thing, but there are important differences to note.

Learn what the difference is between neighborhoods and subdivisions, and why it matters.

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Developing Land Into a Subdivision: The Pros & Cons

Posted by Tim Klingel on November 13, 2018

Dividing your land into additional allotments is a great way to stay in your current home, yet increase the value of the land when selling it for developmental purposes. It's one of the key reasons to invest land in a subdivision.

Yet, investing land in a subdivision does have some misconceptions. For starters, most people think that doing so involves the construction of homes. That's not always the case - it is possible to allot the land and then sell it without having to build. This route is generally a safer one to take that can also be more profitable and hassle-free.

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Fire Hydrant Maintenance Pt. 2: What to Do With a Leaky Hydrant

Posted by Brian Delmonico on November 13, 2018

Fire hydrants are one of the most critical lifelines in our communities. For most people, fire hydrants are part of the public water system and problems are handled by the municipality or other entity that has jurisdiction over the hydrant.

For those with a private water main, however, you may be responsible for your own maintenance. Even if you are diligent about annual inspections and regular maintenance duties, things can still go awry with your hydrant.

We’ve outlined a couple of situations, and what to do about them should they arise on a property that you own.

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How To Keep Tenants Happy During Construction

Posted by Brian Delmonico on November 7, 2018

Construction, repairs and regular maintenance to buildings and community amenities on your rental property isn't just necessary for making improvements, but for ensuring tenant safety and comfort.

But it goes without saying that any construction that occurs on or around your property can be an inconvenience for your current tenants -- especially if you’re leasing business properties.

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Built to Honor in Columbus, OH

Posted by Park Enterprise Construction on November 7, 2018

In 2013, PulteGroup launched their Built to Honor program as a way of thanking and honoring wounded veterans for their sacrifices.

Recently, PulteGroup embarked on a new Built to Honor home in Columbus, OH. We were thrilled to see someone in our local area benefit from such a wonderful program, and even more thrilled at the opportunity to get involved.

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Recycled Construction Materials Can Save You Money (& The Environment)

Posted by Eric Park on October 30, 2018

Not too long ago, sustainability and recycling was nothing more than a trend.

Today, however, you could argue that it's a necessity -- as more and more consumers are becoming aware of their environmental footprint, and changing their buying behavior to reflect this value.

The good news is that recycling has expanded well beyond household goods and packages today encompass a wide range of materials.

Asphalt and concrete are included in this mix, and recycling such isn't just good for the environment, but for your wallet as well.

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