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Neighborhood Construction: How Long Will It Take?

Posted by Eric Park on July 9, 2018

If you live in a growing or developing area, having a neighborhood construction project now and then is inescapable. A new neighbor may be setting up a house across the street, or adding a swimming pool in their backyard.

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Think You Might Have a Cracked Sewer Pipe? Here’s What To Do

Posted by Tim Klingel on July 9, 2018

Here in central Ohio we are often called on to repair a cracked sewer pipe. Our freeze-thaw-freeze winter weather cycle can cause great underground upheavals, leading to stress fractures in the underlying pipes.

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Why Do Asphalt Roads Need So Much Repair?

Posted by Tom Owings on July 3, 2018

If you have lived in Marion, Ohio, or one of the surrounding communities for any period of time, you know there is an old joke which says there are only two seasons of the year around here – winter and road construction!

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Pavement Striping and Painting 101: What You Need to Know

Posted by Tom Owings on June 22, 2018

Pavement and parking lot striping or painting is important for several reasons.

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Project of the Month: Homewood Corporation Land Development

Posted by Eric Park on June 15, 2018

Making our community a beautiful and safe place to live is one of our primary goals. Working with the Homewood Corporation in the development of a brand new subdivision has been a great way to work toward our goals.

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Civil Construction Costs: What Do I Pay If the Job Isn’t Done on Time?

Posted by Eric Park on June 13, 2018

As a civil contractor, it is imperative to complete any retail, commercial, or public project on time as agreed in the contract between you and the owner. Failure to do so often results in severe repercussions – with a huge number of dollars involved in civil construction costs coverage.

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Civil Construction Costs: How to Budget Before You Begin

Posted by Park Enterprise Construction on June 12, 2018

We’re ready to bring your project to life -- but are you ready for us?

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Building a Subdivision: What You Need to Make It Work

Posted by Brian Delmonico on June 11, 2018

As a project manager, developer or home builder you put your business reputation on the line when building a subdivision. A well-planned, properly-constructed and beautiful community will attract the attention of real estate agents and home buyers alike.

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9 Tips to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Business

Posted by Tom Owings on June 2, 2018

Boosting your business curb appeal can have long lasting benefits; you’ll boost brand perception, enhance safety and even create a welcoming exterior for customers to visit.

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Why Does the Asphalt in Front of a Concrete Dumpster Pad Crack?

Posted by Tom Owings on May 31, 2018

If you read our blog about whether or not you need a concrete dumpster pad in your parking lot, you may have been left with this question. The simple answer is “because asphalt is weak for dumpster activity.”

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