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Parking Lot Curb Types: What’s Best For Your Business

Posted by Tim Klingel on October 30, 2018

Parking lot curb type

Parking lot curb is a crucial component of any parking lot that often go unnoticed until they are damaged and disfigured.

There are various types of parking lot curb which serve different purposes including:

  • Barricading certain areas
  • Collecting water runoff
  • Ensuring traffic safety
  • Enhancing aesthetic appeal of the business

If you are considering redoing your parking lot, you will most likely have to re-do your curb as well.

Curb Options For Your Business

It is imperative to understand the various curb options available and which among them is best-suited to your specific application.

Essentially, they are classified into 3 options:

Option One: 18” High Combination Curb & Gutter

If your business is on a major street, or if your parking lot serves as a retail parking lot for busy shoppers or for any other purposes that make it a high-traffic area, you need curb which is extremely strong. Such parking lots face constant abuse from vehicles, and curb is always on the receiving end.

18” high combination curb and gutter  is the sturdiest option to consider. Not only is it  tough and reliable for such locations, but also great for drainage.Such installations are typical along streets and parking lots in urban spaces, particularly in asphalt-paved parking lots.

This offers the benefit of having drainage inlets with grates in the gutter line..

This type of curb extrudes well with machine installation and provides a clean and definite boundary for the asphalt pavement.

Option Two: 18” Standing Curb

18” standing curb is the second most robust option and does not offer the drainage advantages provided by the 18” combination curb and gutter. It also provides a clean and definite boundary for the asphalt pavement.

This curb is a good option if you are looking for a robust curb to create a solid barrier against cars trespassing into unwanted areas.

Option Three: Extruded Curb

Extruded curb installed on top of the pavement is the cheapest, fastest and easiest option of curb to install.

It is not very robust and often gets knocked around leading to premature failure. It does not offer a clean line when paving and requires plenty of upkeep to extend its life.

Extruded curb installed on top of the pavement is best suited for parking lots with less traffic or highly cautious drivers. It cannot withstand heavy abuse like the other two options mentioned above.

Not Sure Which Curb is Best For You?

Talk to the contractor installing your asphalt lot. They will have an adequate grasp on important factors and can help steer you in the right direction.

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